Memory of the LGPD The General Data Protection Act (LGPD in the Portuguese acronym) was debated for over a decade before it was finally approved. During this period, the participation of a series of stakeholders from the government, academia, civil society, and private initiative was essential, as they contributed to the final text and were fundamental in making the law come true. In order to share and explain this long process, the Observatory on Privacy and Data Protection, a Data Privacy Brasil project, interviewed 18 individuals who had a central role in the story.

How to navigate through the LGPD’s Memory
The LGPD’s Memory is a textual and video record of the construction of the Brazilian General Data Protection Act. We divided the story into five chapters that go from the origins of the discussion to the changes through which it had to undergo over the course of time, with small text blocks attached to the videos with commentaries from the people directly related to that specific excerpt. Considering the wide-ranging scope of the material, we suggest that you dive into the LGPD’s Memory leisurely and take more than a day to understand how the law was created and approved. After all, this record is not only about an important chapter of Personal Data Protection in Brazil. It goes beyond: it is a great opportunity to understand how laws are built in the country and also serves as an example of a democratic process that managed to make antagonistic sectors of the Brazilian society have a conversation in the same room.
Ep. 1
2010 – 2015: The subject becomes part of the public agenda

In 2010, the discussion of a General Data Protection Law started to arise in Brazil with two Public Consultations of a bill from the Executive, other bills pending in the House of the Representatives and the Senate, and the rise of countless forums that brought this subject, which had been on the back burner up until that moment, to light.

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Ep. 2
2016 – 2017: The Draft arrives at the House

After the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, the Draft bill that had been gestated for six years at the Executive arrives at the House and becomes the object of a Special Commission led by representatives Bruna Furlan and Orlando Silva, who accelerated the processing of the matter.

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Ep. 3
2018: An astral conjunction

A series of factors creates the perfect conjunction for the approval of the Brazilian General Data Protection Act. This scenario results in a “horse race” between two bills: the one that was pending in the Senate and was favoured by the Temer government, and the one pending in the House, which had a more significant participation from various sectors of the society.

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Ep. 4
2019: The saga of the Authority

After the LGPD’s approval, in 2019 the discussion turned towards the National Data Protection Authority, whose format, as it was proposed by Provisional Measure 869/18, did not bring the autonomy and independence desired by the actors involved in the discussion of the law.

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Ep. 5
How the law has changed since 2010

Ever since the first Draft was presented by the Ministry of Justice in 2010 until the final legislative process in 2019, the content of the General Data Protection Law went through countless transformations and improvements, and also left some opportunities for modernization along the way.

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The interviews of the LGPD’s Memory were made between October and November 2019 in São Paulo, Brasília and Berlin.

Written and directed by João Paulo Vicente
Conception by Bruno Bioni
Production by Mariana Rielli
São Paulo Images by Lusco Fusco Filmes
Brasília Images by Levante Filmes
Berlin Images by Marina Weis